Master Lighting in Unreal Engine

4 simple methods to get great, clean lighting in Unreal

Create Beauty. Evoke Emotion.

Use Lighting to Design the Perfect Atmosphere to Tell Your Stories

Unreal Engine is changing all the time and in this course, I bring you my latest methods for creating different lighting moods in realtime.

For different needs we need different solutions and this is what I had in mind while creating this course. You see, with GI and Realtime, things get a little complicated.

Ideally we would have VXGI (Realtime Gi) working perfectly and all that, but we're not quite there yet. So in the meantime, we will have different solutions wether we want to create animations or still, depending if the sun is moving or some objects are moveable. Some of the GI will need to be backed in to achieve "that" look but then the lighting can't change and so on...

So what I've done here is to devise 4 methods with their own pros and cons which will be useful in different situations.

Getting good lighting is all about experimentation. So I've created a super simple scene which allows us to try out lots of different setups at high quiality settings without waiting for the Lightcache render too long.

Once you've mastered 4 methods, you can mix and match the techniques according to your own needs, it's really easy, simple and quick. 


4 Different Lighting Methods

To achieve different moods and outputs


HDRI Sky and Sun  GI

Sun and SKy

Realtime interactive Blueprint

Easy Soft Lighting

White Scandinavian overcast look

Default UE Sky

Simple out-of-the-box setup

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Hi I'm Fabrice Bourrelly

I live in London, I've trained as an architect and I've been a 3D visualiser since 1996. More recently I have helped Epic Games teaching Unreal Engine to the Archviz community across the globe.

My aim in life is to give people tools and inspiration so that BEAUTY may prevail in a man made world.

I've always pushed the boundaries of visual technology and I never cease to learn from the techniques of the past.

I believe the tools we use can unlock the limits of our imagination and once that is done, who knows what we can create !

And I also believe that life should be fun and rewarding. And that is why I have chosen to work with Unreal Engine today, and I hope you do too! 

These are some of the people I've worked with

So what exactly is in the Course ?

I have divided the Couse in 3 Main sections

  1. A Concept section where I teach workflows and fundamental principles.
  2. The 4 methods step by step. The 1st method is the fully detailed workflow.
  3. 4 x Detailed, practical case studies where I give you added tips and tricks relating to each scene in particular. 
  4. Plus an applicable lighting method from Architectural Lighting designer Richard Kelly .
  5. And a Bonus "How to setup SWARM Network rendering" to speed up your rendering time
  6. Did I say 3 sections ? ; )

Concepts and Fundamentals

  • What are the problems ?Too dark, splotches and washed out light...
  • Workflows: I compare the offline (Vray) with the realtime (Unreal)  workflow.
  • 3L's method: Lights, Lightmaps, Lightmass. A simple method to setup the lighting step by step.
  • Forward shading versus deferred shading. Concepts explained to me by Luis Cataldi from Epic. It really helped me understand what was going on under the hood so I relay the information to you !


UV Unwrapping

In the first method, I take you through an entire workflow of setting up the scene. That means we unwrap 3dsmax 2017:

  • the walls,
  • the chair,
  • the table and
  • the vase

The 4 Lighting Methods

Once it's all setup, it's all about playing with the different tools we have. So we go over one by one with pros and cons for each method.

How we can achieve different moods and atmospheres: Studio lighting, morning, more dusky or just plain middle of the day.

Using different techniques like HDRI, Flat colour environment, Blueprint Sky and Sun, Athmospheric fog, etc...

Realtime GI

A bit of fun with Realtime GI straight from Unreal, how to enable it and get going quickly.

Artificial Lighting

  • Using Spotlights
  • IES Lights
  • Point Lights
  • Area Lights
  • Tone Mapping

Richard Kelly, Lighting Designer

I talk about this amazing designer's work and theory on architecturals lighting.

He designed the lighting for some of the most iconic buildings of modern architecture: the Glass House, Seagram building, etc...

He came up with this simple method based on the interplay of ambient washes, focal glow and "play of brilliant". Brilliant.

Case Study 1 : Victorian Kitchen.

Pair text with an image to call out a particular feature, benefit, or product. A common best practice is to stack multiple Text & Image sections in an alternating pattern.

Case Study 2: Lobby Scene 

Scene from World renounwed Arte Factory's Eric Anton. I show you how we put together this 3dsmax scene in Unreal.

It's a large scene so there needs  to be optimisations:

  • How to speed up rendering drastically with UV mapping
  • Blueprint lights: How to work with light instances
  • Glass Material
  • Floor Material
  • How I did the marble walls


Case Study 3 : Glass House

Kind courtesy of Epic Games.

I  disconstruct Richard Kelly's design on the Glass House.

I show you how I setup the lighting in this scene where everything is animated in realtime, the leaves, the grass...

There is volumetric fog throught the trees and lights are completely interactive, you can turn each set on and off and play with the intensity in realtime, and see how the 3 different principles of Kelly's method applies.


Bonus :  SWARM Network rendering

If you do large projects and have a render farm or have a couple of PCs lying around, you can drastically shorten the lightmass render time by setting up swarm.


Watch a Sample Video from the Course

It's a case study of a scene I made for Epic Games from the section on artificial lighting.


So if you're looking for a simple, step by step, linear way to achieve these results, this is for you.

I have taken the approach to *not* take you though every single feature that the software has, but instead to focus on the easiest and quickest way to get you to get these results.

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4 Methods for a clean and easy Lighting Workflow

4 UV Unwrapping Tutorials showing different situations and tools.

4 x Practical Case Studies
Artificial Lighting
Lobby scene
Kitchen scene
Glass House

Richard Kelly: 3 Elements of Light Video

5 Materials : Parrallax, Glass, Wood floor, multi-panel marble walls, Stone floor.

SWARM Network rendering tutorial for Fast renders




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