Sketchup to Unreal Course

Learn to Create This Scene in under 3 Hours

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Avoid confusion, learn the 3 step method I use to import all my models.

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I teach you my 3 step method to get realistic lighting every time

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Hi, I'm Fabrice 

I live in London, trained and practised as an architect and I have been a 3D visualiser since 1996. More recently I have worked for Epic Games and  teach Unreal Engine. I lecture at Universities

My goals to give you tools and inspiration so that beauty may prevail in an increasingly man made world.

I've always pushed the boundaries of visual technology and I never cease to learn from the techniques of the past.

I believe the tools we use can help unlock the limits of our imagination and once that is done, who knows what we can create !

And I also believe that life should be fun and rewarding. And that is why I have chosen to work with Unreal Engine today, and I hope you do too!

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Some of the people I have worked with

Epic Games, Google, Thomas Heatherwick, Anish Kapoor, Bentley, Jean Nouvel.
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What will You learn?


1. Setup the Scene 

  • How to Export the Sketchup model
  • How to import in Unreal with Datasmith
  • How to import the Furniture
  • How to setup the Lighting
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2. Create the Landscape 

  • Setup the Landscape
  • Start Painting Grass, Trees and Flowers

3. Lighting and Athmosphere

  • How to Render the Global Illumination with Lightmass
  • My typical setup, Clean and Fast. Perfect for Design Iteration
  • Add Sky, Fog, Dust and Wind !
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4. Create High Resolution Stills and Animations

  1. How to save high resolution stills in an instant
  2. Create and save animations with Sequencer

Bonus: 2nd Lighting Option

Easily create other options moods and athmosphere

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Bonus 2: Quixel Grass

Learn to use this incredibly realistic grass for free.

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Joshua Greenhough

I have just finished every last video now, and all I can say is money well spent! Thank you Fabrice, my renders look better already, thank you!

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Full Satisfaction Guarantee

The quality of the service I have provided my clients is what has kept me going for over 20 years. I offer a full money back policy, no questions asked.

All The Tools You Need To Build This Photorealistic Scene in Unreal


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  • Mies House Course
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  • Mies House UE4.23 Scene
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