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How I did this Carbon Removal Concept in Unreal Engine 4.26

blueprints inspiration May 04, 2021

 As an architect, I've thought a long time how our current mode of living is not sustainable in the long term.

In this video, I show you a very basic idea of how we could start to think about a completely new type of architecture based on living in the forest!

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Real to Unreal Lighting Masterclass: How to Become a "Shadow Master"

lights Jan 27, 2021

Real to Unreal Lighting Masterclass

Click here to view the program and register online.

Masterclass Information

Every month for 10 months, the 10 classes will be LIVE 90 min sessions including Q&A, once a month running through 2021 (except August and December). 

We’ll be discussing essential technical points to try and achieve as close a result, in Unreal as to what Pascal will be envisioning, drawing from his experience in real-life lighting scenarios.

When: Classes begin on Wednesday 27th January 2021 @ 16.00 (GMT)

Where: Zoom

What you will learn:

  1. Natural lighting, understand it and how to recreate it
  2. Direct light (i.e. the sun), how to place it and manipulate it
  3. Balance, contrast and exposure
  4. Colour, black and white and colour correction in Post-Process
  5. Soft light, hard light, where and when you should use it
  6. Texture lighting, what it is and what it does
  7. Shadows, how to draw and tell stories
  8. The sparkle of life
  9. The time factor, controlling time in...
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New Unreal Engine Beginner Workshop

lights rendering Jan 07, 2021

If you are new to Unreal Engine and would like to learn more about lighting and rendering, this workshop is for you.

  • Are you struggling with overwhelm with too many different opinions, multiple YouTube sources, out-of-date or incomplete information?
  • Are you keen to learn and start getting results? Perhaps you've tried Vray, Enscape, Lumion or TwinMotion, or you use Sketchup and Revit but you would like to go deeper into Unreal?
  • You've been wanting to try for ages but find the interface too intimidating and you can't work it out?


This FREE 90-minute workshop will give you the tools and techniques to create your first scene in Unreal Engine and teach you about:

  • The best, simplest and fastest way of lighting your scenes
  • My lighting workflow that I call the "3L method"
  • HDRI background setup and lighting
  • High-resolution screengrab to Edit in Photoshop


Click here to view the workshop.

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How to Create Instanced Lights in Unreal Engine Blueprints Tutorial

blueprints lights Dec 18, 2020

If you're a 3dsMax veteran like me, working in Unreal you'll be missing the way you can have Instanced lights.

In this tutorial, I show you how to make a super simple Blueprint to control many lights at once.

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Photoreal Exterior Scene in Unreal

photorealism raytracing Dec 03, 2020

It's easier than ever to achieve this kind of result in Unreal today.


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How to Fix Vertical Tilt Shift on Architecture in Unreal Engine for Archviz

perspective Oct 06, 2020

Rules of perspective make it so that when you look up, lines converge and distort in a way which jars with human perception.

However, when you look up in your scene in Unreal Engine, the building should look straight.

We need to correct that. There is a free and easy way to do this - without the need for extra plugins.


This is how to do it:

  • Keep the camera horizontal
  • Shoot your scene in portrait mode until you have enough sky
  • Crop the bottom


Pros of the method:

This method is great as it does not require extra plugins, which means that it is quick, easy and free to fix. 


Cons of the method:

The cropping needs to be done in the post, which can be a little of a pain if you do a lot of compositing and have to incorporate a lot of changes.


Watch the video to find out How to fix vertical tilt-shift on Architecture in Unreal Engine:

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How to Render Ultra Mega High-Resolution Renders in Unreal Engine for Architecture?

rendering Sep 30, 2020

You can now create huge renders in Unreal Engine using a tool called "Movie Render Queue".


It works by adding a new level sequence and adjusting the output:

  • Select the output to play to render to one frame by using the "custom by playback range" function
  • Override the default anti-aliasing settings which gives that low-quality "step" effect to your image - and increase the temporal sample count (how many times the image will be rendered stacked on top of the other) to give a smooth final image
  • Select the desired image resolution
  • Set the camera compensation to manual exposure
  • Use the high-resolution tile count to have a tile resolution of less than 4K


Watch the video to find out how to render ultra mega-high resolution renders in Unreal Engine:


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How to Render High-Resolution Still Images in Unreal Engine

rendering Sep 22, 2020

Up until recently, we were not able to render high-resolution still images in Unreal Engine. Luckily for us, Epic Games have now added a high-resolution renderer called "Movie Render Queue".

It works by overriding the default anti-aliasing - which gives that low-quality "step" effect to your image - and increasing the temporal sample count (how many times the image will be rendered stacked on top of the other) to give a smooth final image.

Watch the video to find out how to render a huge still image without anti-aliasing issues in Unreal Engine:

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How to Create Still Images in Unreal Engine

Today, I would like to reply to a question asked by a subscriber: How can I create still Images in Unreal Engine? There are 3 ways to do it:


You can take quick screengrabs using software like Microsoft Snipping Tools so you can share your work very rapidly for feedback.


You can use the Unreal Engine high-resolution screenshot tool to create high-resolution renders in an instant (this will be covered in this video).


You can also create even higher quality/resolution renders and this will be covered in my next blog video as this is a little more complex.

Let me know how you get on!

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Contact Shadows in Unreal

In real-time interactive content like video games, objects often seem to be floating.

As objects come in contact to the ground, they seem to “not touch” or float above the ground.

So why does this matter?  If you were trying to achieve realism this is an instant reality-breaker that we are hard-wired to spot in an instant. If you see the feet of a chair not attached to the ground, it's an immediate queue saying  “what you see is not real”. 

On the other hand, however if this small shadow is present, our eyes are fooled into believing that the object is actually here.

This effect is especially pronounced when in VR goggles. You truly believe the chair is actually in front of you, it’s quite staggering.

So here are three ways to deal with this issue.

  • Static GI
    • Bake Lightmass
    • Bake GPU lightmass
    • AO texture Baking
  • Dynamic GI 
    • Distance field AO
    • Ambient Occlusion
    • Raytracing
  • Hybrid 
    • Vertex Baked AO
    • 3DSmax
    • AO baker
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