New Unreal Engine Beginner Workshop

lights rendering Jan 07, 2021

If you are new to Unreal Engine and would like to learn more about lighting and rendering, this workshop is for you.

  • Are you struggling with overwhelm with too many different opinions, multiple YouTube sources, out-of-date or incomplete information?
  • Are you keen to learn and start getting results? Perhaps you've tried Vray, Enscape, Lumion or TwinMotion, or you use Sketchup and Revit but you would like to go deeper into Unreal?
  • You've been wanting to try for ages but find the interface too intimidating and you can't work it out?


This FREE 90-minute workshop will give you the tools and techniques to create your first scene in Unreal Engine and teach you about:

  • The best, simplest and fastest way of lighting your scenes
  • My lighting workflow that I call the "3L method"
  • HDRI background setup and lighting
  • High-resolution screengrab to Edit in Photoshop


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