Real to Unreal Lighting Masterclass: How to Become a "Shadow Master"

lights Jan 27, 2021

Real to Unreal Lighting Masterclass

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Masterclass Information

Every month for 10 months, the 10 classes will be LIVE 90 min sessions including Q&A, once a month running through 2021 (except August and December). 

We’ll be discussing essential technical points to try and achieve as close a result, in Unreal as to what Pascal will be envisioning, drawing from his experience in real-life lighting scenarios.

When: Classes begin on Wednesday 27th January 2021 @ 16.00 (GMT)

Where: Zoom

What you will learn:

  1. Natural lighting, understand it and how to recreate it
  2. Direct light (i.e. the sun), how to place it and manipulate it
  3. Balance, contrast and exposure
  4. Colour, black and white and colour correction in Post-Process
  5. Soft light, hard light, where and when you should use it
  6. Texture lighting, what it is and what it does
  7. Shadows, how to draw and tell stories
  8. The sparkle of life
  9. The time factor, controlling time in realtime
  10. The separation principle

These 10 lessons will help you to master lighting in all situations and to have a methodology to develop your artistic knowledge in this new medium.

Click here to view the program and register online



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