Using AI for reference to create scenes in Unreal

ai midjourney Nov 13, 2023

Artificial intelligence is not taking all our jobs just yet, but we're using it more and more in the office nowadays, whether it's for pitching for jobs or coming up with ideas.

I personally find fascinating how, as in any form of art, it acts like a mirror on humanity and shows us what we are, what are deepest desires or fears could be.

So I created a scene using AI for the reference image, 3dsmax to model and everything else in Unreal, and I'd like to show you how I came about it.

In this video, you will learn :

  • How I came up with the idea using Midjourney (using a simple 2 word prompt ).
  • The simple 3 step method I use to export the scene from 3dsmax to Unreal.
  • How I created a time of day slider to be able to find the perfect lighting moment.

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