How to Fix Vertical Tilt Shift on Architecture in Unreal Engine for Archviz

perspective Oct 06, 2020

Rules of perspective make it so that when you look up, lines converge and distort in a way which jars with human perception.

However, when you look up in your scene in Unreal Engine, the building should look straight.

We need to correct that. There is a free and easy way to do this - without the need for extra plugins.


This is how to do it:

  • Keep the camera horizontal
  • Shoot your scene in portrait mode until you have enough sky
  • Crop the bottom


Pros of the method:

This method is great as it does not require extra plugins, which means that it is quick, easy and free to fix. 


Cons of the method:

The cropping needs to be done in the post, which can be a little of a pain if you do a lot of compositing and have to incorporate a lot of changes.


Watch the video to find out How to fix vertical tilt-shift on Architecture in Unreal Engine:

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