Importing from Rhino 3D to Unreal Engine 5 for Parametric modelling

populating the scene Feb 01, 2023


Parametric design is the method that has been used digital design for many years. From Zaha Hadid’s curves to Gehry’s expressionist landmarks and more recently the Matrix demo by Epic Games.   This approach to design uses algorithms and mathematical models to create forms that are highly flexible, adaptable, and efficient. In the world of architecture, parametric design can have a significant impact on the design process, with faster iterations and less redundancies.


I met Steve in Manchester whilst studying Architecture and he was kind enough to share this magnificient deisgn with me. It was the runner up submission for the international Expo of 2020 in AbuDhabi I believe. In this video I present SCA’s UK Pavillion 2020 and I show how I imported a complex scene from Rhino3D to Unreal.

The process of importing whilst keeping the maximum of flexibility for  incorporating changes can be quite complex to navigate. Here I break down 3 main...

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