How I did this Carbon Removal Concept in Unreal Engine 4.26

blueprints inspiration May 04, 2021

 As an architect, I've thought a long time how our current mode of living is not sustainable in the long term.

In this video, I show you a very basic idea of how we could start to think about a completely new type of architecture based on living in the forest!

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Working with Unreal is mind blowing - Interview with Vince Gagliardi

I met Vince Gagliardi at an SOA event Venice in 2018 and he showed me his latest movie beautifully done in Vray and Corona. 26 minutes long. 

Click above to watch the interview

I remember thinking "Gosh that's a lot of rendering, I'm sure he could get this quality in Unreal " and I urged him to try it.

Well as he says in this interview one year and a bit later... here we are ! He emailed me last week with this movie and i couldn't resist trying this interview format out. Please share your thoughts and comments if you have any, I really enjoyed doing this so I feel very excited to help share it with the world.

Click above to watch his original movie Neither

Vince created this whole show in Unreal and opened the prestigious Lunchmeat Festival at the National Gallery of Prague in October 2019.

The film isn't actually released yet., but Vince is about to release the music in early 2020 and the film shortly after so this is definitely a huge...

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