How real can real be ? UE5 vs Reality! Prague library in Unreal.

rendering Nov 11, 2021

Today, I am comparing a scene rendered in UE5 with a real photo of the beautiful Prague Library, and the Vray render.

Real photo

This is a beautiful picture of the Prague library. However, it looks like it has been heavily treated with tone-mapping. However stunning this image is, I think it looks slightly overly lit and lacks some atmosphere. See for yourself:

Vray Render

The picture below is a Vray render. I am not totally sure about the choice behind this green tint, here. But when I zoom in, I can see a depth of field effect, which is really nice.

Unreal Real render

And finally, this is the UE render, seen through a camera. Look at this amount of detail:

Let’s explore the UE render together


Which one do you prefer?


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