Get behind the scenes and learn how to build this advanced Archviz scene in UE4

Blueprint modelling

Create parameteric stairs, facades, book shelves, all in Unreal without plugins and save huge amounts of time without the need to place hundreds of small objects by hand.

Beautiful Lighting

Learn my 3L method for a setup for consistent high quality results with ultra fast render times, and keep the furniture high quality and interactive.

Realistic Materials

Learn to correctly use PBR material workflow to create hyper-realistic materials with precision down to miscoscopic scale

Texture Paiting

Paint different textures to add variation in your material. Just like in Substance Painter but within Unreal and without having to do any UV Unwrap.

Learn More About the Course

Watch the video below for the story behind this scene and an overview of the course.


Hi, I'm Fabrice 

I live in London, I've trained as an architect and I've been a 3D visualiser since 1996. More recently I have helped Epic Games teach Unreal Engine to the Archviz community across the globe.

My aim in life is to give people tools and inspiration so that BEAUTY may prevail in an increasingly man made world.

I've always pushed the boundaries of visual technology and I never cease to learn from the techniques of the past.

I believe the tools we use can help unlock the limits of our imagination and once that is done, who knows what we can create !

And I also believe that life should be fun and rewarding. And that is why I have chosen to work with Unreal Engine today, and I hope you do too!

Some of the people I have worked with

Epic Games, Google, Thomas Heatherwick, Anish Kapoor, Bentley, Jean Nouvel.

What Will you learn?

How to create Realistic scenes

The essential ingredients to photorealistic images : good models, good lighting, good materials, simple post-production, and Unreal does the rest. In the workflow I propose, we tackle each of those step by step. 

Parametric Modelling in Unreal using the Blueprint construction script

Without any plugins, you can use blueprints to create powerful construction scripts. Similar to railclone in 3dsmax or grass-hopper in Rhino.

The Lighting settings I use for every project

Realtime lighting means great comprimise compared to offline rendering. I will teach you this simple method I call the 3L Method: Lightmaps, Lightmass, Lights. So you can get great, predictable results consistently.

How to paint grunge and wear and tear

Save valuable time and learn how to use simple vertex colour information to create elaborate effects you could normally achieve in Substance Painter. Without having to UV Unwrap anything !

How to setup Moveable High resolution Furniture and Greenery.

Vertices can hold all sorts of information. Here you will learn an old technique of 15 years ago, to bake ambient occlusion on the vertices of the meshes. These items are then fully interactive and excluded from lightbaking thus making the whole process even faster. You can save hundreds of hours of work with this technique.

How to run VR ready 60 fps

This technique does not involve Raytracing so it's compatible with everything. and runs at 60 fps on a Max Q laptop with a 2070 GPU. (the dream hath come true! : )

How to import Design Connected assets, without unwrapping

Forget about having to remodel thousands of library furniture and UV unwrap them all ! Learn this simple technique to send high poly models straight to your scene without any unwrapping or Data prep. This super fast and efficient workflow will save you tons of time, especially when you need to iterate a lot.

Interactive mood Lighting

With this workflow, you can keep all the lights movable and interactive, in other words : Dynamic. You can easily setup and explore different moods and atmospheres without ever having to press that render button !

PBR Materials textures

You will learn how to correctly use "Physically Based Rendering", so you can start layering textures liker different "stories" at different scales. 

Animated foliage

If you are a 3dsmax user and own GrowFX, you can create a nice effect of the leaves moving. It gives life to the scene, where everything is animated.


LIVE group call and support

You can post on the active community feed, and get notified as soon as me or someone else posts an answer. You can also email [email protected] We also meet every week on a group call.


Full Satisfaction Guarantee

The quality of the service I have provided my clients is what has kept me going for over 20 years. I offer a full money back policy, no questions asked.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What level is the course ? Beginners with a basic knowledge of UE4 and intermediate users will benefit from the course. 
  • Do you need 3dsMax?  You can follow allong without any modeling as everythig is in already Unreal. However I am a 3dsmax user and I use 3dsmax in the course when I refer to modelling.
  • Can I get my questions answered ? Yes, just email [email protected]

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