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Advanced techniques for Architects.

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"I had Unreal installed on my PC for a year before I finally decided to learn to use it."


Does that ring true for you?

Learning Unreal can be a daunting task.

Learning from Youtube can be overwhelming, and the information provided can be, in some cases, outdated.

Learning from multiple sources can be confusing.

But there is another way... 

Rely on the old traditions and methods that most professional artists, designers, or creators of any kind have used for centuries and apply those to the tool that we use today.

I actually did my Architecture degree on this subject, the design tools we’ve used over the ages.

And in a strange kind of way, we are coming back to the same, the immediate feedback of a pencil leaving a mark on a sheet of paper, in realtime.

Scroll down and you'll understand what I mean...

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Learn My Simple 5 step Method: The Real Time Revolution

  I’ve translated these steps for you into real-time, using Unreal Engine as a tool:


  • Learn the #1 trick that all the pros use to import their model into Unreal.
  • Learn the best method to light your scene beautifully that will work even on an old laptop.
  • Understand how and why PBR materials look so incredibly photorealistic.
  • Get a firm grasp of the entire, repeatable workflow, eliminating confusion.
  • Create beautiful videos without the render time.
  • Have a method that lets you make changes and test options on the fly.
  • Make it really easy to collaborate with a team, and communicate ideas quicker.
  • 5 hours of content

  • Watch the videos in your own time

  • Lifetime access

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Hi, I am Fabrice.

I trained and practised as an architect and I have been a 3D visualiser since 1996. I have Worked with Google, Bentley Motors, Thomas Heatherwick, Zaha Hadid and more recently Epic Games. I teach Unreal Engine and lecture as a professor adjunct at schools of Architecture at Universities in Spain, Italy and the UK.

My goals is to give you tools and inspiration so that beauty may prevail in an increasingly man-made world.

I've always pushed the boundaries of visual technology and I never cease to learn from the techniques of the past.

And I also believe that life should be fun and rewarding. And that is why I have chosen to work with Unreal Engine today, and I hope you do too!

Let's Get Started
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Module 1: The Realtime Workflow

  • Workflow overview.
  • Learn about the Interface and Project Structure. 
  • 3D modelling considerations and Export. 
  • Lightmap UVs Unwrapping.
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Module 2: Building Daylight

  • Learn the 3L method for a clean daylight solution.
  • Master realtime GI with raytracing and Lumen.
  • How to use HDR images for realistic image-based lighting and realistic backdrops.

Module 3: A Sense of Touch with Materials

  • Learn the PBR workflow to give your materials a sense of touch.
  • How to use 8K textures for Miscroscopic scale detailing.
  • Master reflections and transparency for architectural glass.
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Module 4: Theatrical Lighting

  • Turn the day into nighttime with the Hybrid workflow.
  • Master each light type for complete control over interactive lighting in realtime.

Module 5

  • Get real with a detailed walkthrough of post-production features to make the scene sing.
  • Output high-res still and animations instantly.
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Still hesitating ? Let me ask you these questions:


"What would the future look like to you if you just went ahead and took action right now?”

"What would it mean if you were able to take the lead and get into that innovative streak?"

Many people tell me this technology is the future, and to them I reply “and the future is NOW”.

The future is unfolding right before your eyes and we’re at the cutting edge, I call it the edge of the cutting edge

Isn't it time to stop procrastinating and finally take action?

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I have taught this training for over 5 years to probably 1000s of people by now, and people have had amazing results with it. I teach some of the techniques covered in this training during workshops and programmes I charge $3,000 per day for. But all you'll pay today is only $97 (excl. VAT). But if you're interested to get this course, don't wait. this price is going to go up and this introductory offer is only for a very limited time !

I’m confident this will work for you and take you further in less time than any other training out there to become a professional at this art. But if for some reason, it does not work for you, I offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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30-day Money Back Guarantee!

One Affordable Payment. No Questions Asked.


Special Launch Offer $97 (excl. VAT)

Top features

  • Special launch offer - Regular price $187 (excl. VAT)
  • 5 modules
  • 5 hours of content
  • Watch the videos in your own time
  • Lifetime access
  • 30-day money back guarantee