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A New Class Every Month

You get a class around the theme of photorealism.  We set challenges and exercises. Perfect to keep motivated and inspired.

In your own time Training

You regularly get new Unreal Files and Recorded Video Downloads in your member area, or stream from your phone, Tablet or PC. 

Live Q&A Webinars

Keep connected and motivated, ask questions, get unstuck!  Every  month, join us live for Q&A, expert lessons, workflows, tips and discussions.

Hi, I'm Fabrice Bourrelly

I am a 3D visualiser, UE4 expert and teacher. I presented the Unreal Engine for Architecture Epic Games Enterprise webinar series in 2017.

I qualified as a licensed architect in 1996 and have acted as freelance 3DVisualizer over my entire career.

I have worked with clients such as Google, Bentley, Anish Kapoor, Thomas Heatherwick, ArteFactoryLab and Zaha Hadid.

Since 2017, I have been an ongoing contractor for Epic Games helping companies and individuals learn Unreal Engine, teaching online, at Unreal training centres and Unreal Academy in the US, Europe and Australia.

I am also visiting professor in Digital Architecture, at Sheffield University, MADI at IUAV Venice University and at IE University, and have lectured at SOA, D2 and numerous Epic Build events throughout the world.

My aim in life is to give people tools and inspiration so that BEAUTY may prevail in a man made world.

I've always pushed the boundaries of visual technology and I never cease to learn from the techniques of the past.

I believe that mastering  these tools can change the face of the world.

And I also believe that life should be fun and rewarding. And that is why I have chosen to work in realtime with UE4 today, and I hope you do too! 

These are some of the people I have worked with

What will You Learn?


We will use simple scenes like these to learn key concepts about lighting, materials, composition, aimed at achieving photorealism.

After having taught Unreal for Epic training centre, Unreal Academy,  Universities and online for over 3 years I have devised a simple  method which I will share with you on this program. 

Live Webinar

We meet online every other week, where I teach the same as the recorded training LIVE for 1 hour. 

That way you get both styles, one looser podcast style where you can ask questions and share screen. and the other pre-recorded and focused.

Atmosphere is relaxed, but focused, you're encouraged to ask questions and participate.

Learn with Professionnals 


There is nothing harder than to be your your own, to keep motivated and inspired using will power alone and to stay fresh and positive.

We are an active community of professionals, not only from an architectural background but also film, graphics and programming.

It's all about building momentum and helping each other and I will  encourage you to take the stage and share your work and expertise, when you're ready ! ; )

Become a real Artist


I will share fundamental knowledge, methods and tips coming from Architectural design and rules of Fine Art. 
You will also learn from other experts sharing insights on rules of photography, cinematography, composition, and more.

Bonus Training: Golden Cave VR Interactive Scene Complete Walkthrough.

You will also get this iconic scene I created for Epic Games and I will walk you through the build up of the scene, show how to animate the lights and water for this continuously animated scene optimised for VR.

We also build a simple interface to be able to control the lights in realtime.



Become part of a community of learners via the active discussion board in your member area.

Great to keep up with the latest, show your work, post questions, get feedback and meet each other, check other people's bio and network.

I personally check in several times a week and you can often get fast expert support from the community.

Exercises and Feeback

Every period, we set a new challenge. We're about to start the first of the year so if you're thinking of joining, don't delay ! 

We want to get results as fast as possible and keep motivated and move on, right ? And our aim is photorealism, so first we'll choose a simple photo and then we'll try and match it as closely as possible.

You can submit your work to the board, and get feedback!

Interviews and Case Studies


I'll pull some projects from the vault, like this Heatherwick store and we'll walk through those valuable case studies together. 

We'll have interviews with ixternal ixperts, professional Artists and Studios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, totally ok for beginner. I'v been teaching for 3 years now and classes are consistently split 50% beginner to intermediate. Things are changing so fast, we need to be learning new things all the time so we're all beginners! 

Yes, we keep moving. All the scenes and training are for sale on the site, so you can get them anytime.

You get a Weekly 1 hour live group call where I teach a detailed specific features like Datasmith, we also have a really cool  community challenge going , the discussion board is on 24/7, if you have a problem or an idea. you also get previous webinar downloads, interviews (upcoming feature). and more ! At the moment i also like to get on a call with new member to get to know everyone. 

  • The call is every Wednesday 4pm GMT via Zoom

"I have been on the program for a few months now and I must say its hugely valuable, not just from the courses but the weekly Q&A is a great chance to learn from each other and to ask follow up questions! Theres a real sense of community and the discussion board is a great place for gaining fresh perspectives and inspiration!"

Dom Cox
Unreal Artist

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